Monday, May 25, 2009

Why a Warmaholics Anonymous blog - Nr 1 ?

This new blog is under development. We have just begun to learn how to do things. This blog is organised by an association calling itself Warmaholics Anonymous. Its aim is to help people who suffer from so-called "catastrophic global warming panic". The stories they read in the media and see in movies like Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth" can instill severe anxieties, resulting in seeing the world through black glasses and causing sleepless nights. We want to help them by explaining in simple terms that many of these apocalyptic global warming predictions are not as bad is they are portrayed. We want to discuss various global warming beliefs, like the predicted imminent extinction of polar bears, the vanishing of the Arctic ice, the increase in severe weather events and the flooding of low-lying areas by rapidly rising see levels. In simple terms and based on real-world facts (instead of non-validated computer models) we are planning to explain that IT AIN'T NECESSARILY SO or even that IT AIN'T SO. To put it simply: " to put their minds at rest".