Monday, June 1, 2009

Carbon dioxide levels already above 350 ppmv

Dear W.A. I can’t sleep, because I am scared witless that carbon dioxide (CO2) levels in the atmosphere are already above 350 ppmv and may increase further, ending in catastrophe. Signed: Scared Witless.

Dear Scared Witless - Don’t be! The belief that CO2 levels in the atmosphere above 350 ppmv (part per million by volume) are dangerous is pure fantasy, not based on any scientific evidence whatsoever. That figure is just plucked out of the hat for ideological- environmental reasons.
Global warming fundamentalists are afraid that no new draconian international climate treaty to replace the Kyoto Protocol will emerge from the December UN climate conference in Copenhagen. They have started a world-wide action, based on the mythical number 350. They have created a website to promote their action, called Their aim is to have world-wide demonstrations on October 24 to try to force political delegates to the Copenhagen conference to pass an economically devastating treaty to drastically reduce CO2 emissions. There is no scientific evidence that human CO2 emissions are causing, or will cause catastrophic global warming. Such evidence that there may be is purely based on non-validated computer models. But the 350 activists are hell-bent to push through a treaty to reduce emissions anyhow, through world-wide demonstrations. We call these activists therefore climate extremists. One has to wonder why these people obtain satisfaction in scaring little children and elderly ladies with unfounded myths.
We feel that Warmaholics Anonymous will become very important, to reduce anxieties, in the coming months, leading up to the Copenhagen conference. Climate fundamentalists will pull out all stops to realise their dangerous fantasies. We will try, in our small way, to counter that. In coming A.A. blogs, we will use the scare arguments of the 350 extremists to tell you that
It Ain’t So.